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Below, on the “Product & Events Grid” you will see a collection of visualizations and meditations that I have created to help you gain greater skills, awareness and mastery in your life. Every product is designed to enhance the consciousness that you are in control of your life, you are a part of the community of life and that gratitude and joy are integral parts of a life well lived.

I have grouped all of my products and events into three simple sections for your convenience:

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  – Overcoming Life’s Challenges –      – Opening Up To New Possibilities –     – Transition Through Transformation –


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My primary goal is to help you gain greater mastery of all of the dynamics in your life. The determination of need was derived from my many years of working directly with people in a counseling role and my observation of the challenges you face in all walks of life.

I began developing these products in 1975 and they represent a labor of love and an effort to share the insights and wisdom I have gained over a life of relentless exploration of meditation, distilled from the secret ancient wisdom that has been handed down and the guidance of my own soul.

These products represent my service to the world and my gift of teaching to help bring joy to your life and give you the keys to the integration of your whole self, body, mind, emotions and Soul.

When you click on the images below, each product page will tell you a brief story of the how and why each product was developed and how you can benefit from its use. It is my sincere desire that your life will be guided and enhanced by using these products and they will help you reach your full potential and overcome any challenges you may be having.

LIFE SKILLS – Overcoming Life’s Challenges
Feeling Free PhotoFeeling Free Visualization
Calm Strong Emotions and
Transmute Fears and Doubts

Feel Renewed and Alive
Learn More
How To Forgive Yourself CDHow To Forgive Yourself
Forgive Yourself, Heal and
Move On From Painful Events

Release and Let Go Of The Past
Learn More
Cutting Edge Techniques for Releasing StressRelax & Release CD
Techniques for Releasing Stress
Use This As A Mini Vacation
Whenever You Feel Stressed

Learn More
Release PainReleasing Pain Visualization
Free Yourself To
Enjoy A Life Without Pain

Learn More
Living In Joy Workshop with Genevieve GerardLiving In Joy Workshop
4-hr Workshop in Boca Raton, FL
Explore & Experience
Living In Joy

Learn More
Mindful Meeting Visualization PhotoMindful Meeting Visualization
Learn How To Have Successful
and Effective Meetings

Learn More
Guided Visualization for Restful Deep SleepSleep In Heavenly Peace CD
Visualization for Restful Deep Sleep
Use This to Glide
Effortlessly into Sleep

Learn More
I Am Feeling FreeI Am Feeling Free Meditation
Learn How To Calm
Strong Emotions and
Transmute Fears and Doubts

Learn More

Gift of Relaxation CD-MP3 by Genevieve GerardGift of Relaxation
A Guided Visualization
To Release Stress

Learn More

On The Wings Of A Silver Bird Meditation by Genevieve GerardOn the Wings of A Silver Bird
A Meditation to Help You
Transition from Here to There

Experience Anxiety-Free Flight
Learn More

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LIFE AWARENESS – Opening Up To New Possibilities
Affirmations For AbundanceAwaken to Success CD
Affirmations for Abundance
Use This To Empower Yourself to
Create the Life of Your Dreams

Learn More
Affirmations For AbundanceSoaring to Success CD
Affirmations for Abundance
Use This to Plant The Seeds
of Success in Your Mind

Learn More
Bathing In The Light CD CoverBathing In The Light
A Guided Visualization to
Wash Away Your Troubles

Learn More
Gift of Love CDGift of Love CD
Meditation MP3 Download
Open Yourself To The Energy Of
Divine Love & The Love That
Your Soul Brings To You

Learn More
Experience our workshopHow To… Why To… Meditate
4-hr Workshop in Boca Raton, FL
Use This To Experience the Joy of
Meditations In Your Life

Learn More
A Series of Awareness MeditationsMeditations For Daily Joy 4-CD Set
A Series of Activity Based Meditations
Use This To Experience the
Joy of Meditations In Your Life

Learn More
Grounding Arrow VisualizationGrounding Arrow CD
Meditation MP3 Download
This Meditation Reconnects and
Rebalances You To Your Life Force

Learn More
Heart of the Family MeditationHeart of the Family CD
Meditation MP3 Download
A Transforming Awareness
Meditation That Unites Families

Learn More
Jogging In The Sun Meditation | Genevieve GerardJogging In The Sun CD
Meditation MP3 Download
Celebrate the Strength of Your Body
While Aligning To Your Higher Self

Learn More

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LIFE MASTERY – Transition Through Transformation
New Group of World Servers Meditations PhotoNGWS Meditations
Men and Woman of Goodwill
Meditations To Serve The World

Learn More
Free DownloadOpening to Personal

Free MP3 Download
Learn More
Life Guidance CoachingLife Guidance Coaching
1-on-1 Personal
Self Development Mentoring

Learn More

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For Veterans – Opportunity For Transformation


I'm Free Veteran Bundle cover by Genevieve GerardI’m Free – Veteran Bundle
Veteran Series 3-Meditation Bundle
A Collection Of Meditations To
Help You Relax – Sleep – Be Calm

Learn More


The wisdom I have gained through a relentless quest for knowledge, understanding and enlightenment is gathered here. Please come back often to see what new things are being offered. I have a number of exciting things currently in development. I appreciate your comments and would love your feedback on what are your biggest challenges in your life and of course your sharing either through social networking or in our Transformation Stories section of my website.

I hope that anything you choose to try, free or fee helps bring more joy to your life or to the life of someone you would like to help.”
     – Genevieve Gerard

Namaste (The definition of Namaste is: The divinity in me salutes and bows to the divinity in you.)

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